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Monday, 3 June 2013

Alison Rossiter's Lament and Paper Packages

So the basic story of Alison Rossiter's Lament is they are a series of found  and chemically created images made from old papers that Alison bought on ebay.

That is the basic story, but within that story there lies a social, cultural and economic history that has echoes of the technological and aesthetic developments of photography in the first half of the twentieth century.

The story of finding and buying the papers is also fascinating,the packages the papers are contained in so beautiful and evocative of a different time and approach to the production of the photographic print, one that is slower, more considered and in keeping with Alison's background in both conservation and the darkroom, part of a photographic subculture where material, chemistry and tonality take centre stage.

Alison's work will be on show in Arles. Below are some of the paper packages on their way to a show at Marian Goodman in Paris - absolutely beautiful and all bought from ebay.


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colin pantall said...

Good call sa. Ellsworth Kelly was also a direct inspiration ( "they gave me permission...") for some of them. I love them and she was just great to talk to - infectious enthusiasm for the subject.