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Monday, 10 June 2013

Andrew Smith, The Tramshed, Industry, Cardiff and Sheffield

There are any number of new photography festivals springing up around the world, but for atmospheric new venues there can be few places better than the Tramshed in Cardiff, part of the first Diffusion, Cardiff International Festival of Photography. 

This was the home for both Geoff Charles' Structures of Feeling (see above) and The Valleys Represented - an exhibition that had wonderful photography from lots of fabulous people connected with Newport (including Peter Bobby's High Rise - which manages give British tower blocks the Julius Shulman treatment).

 In the industrial setting, however, I was hugely taken with Maurice Broomfield's large prints. I was struck by how dynamic and theatrical they were, workers acting out for his immaculately lit picturesin the perfect setting.

A couple of days later I was contacted by Andrew Smith, who has made a book called Steel Soul - a book inspired in part by the great industrial photographers of the 1950s (more of whom before the summer shutdown).

Here are a couple of pictures from his Steel Soul, a work that is based on Smith's passion for steel, industry and the history of industry in Sheffield, the city where Steel Soul was made.

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