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Friday, 14 June 2013

Mark Hilton's Home Made 20 x 16 camera

I saw this on Source Magazine's website  (Congratulations Briony Oates) and was blown away and intimidated at the same time by Mark Hilton's home made camera - Miroslav Tlichy it is not.

I can think of a million different reasons why I don't build my own 20x16 camera, but I am still hugely jealous of somebody who has done so - and knows how to use it so beautifully.

Here's how he did it.

This is what Mark Hilton says about his work (and the 20x16 is the work)

I designed and built a 20x16" ultra-large-format camera that exposes onto direct positive black and white paper. It came about through a determination to find a far more involved way of creating photographs, inspired by the craftsmanship of early photography. It is also an exploration of trying to create a unique object, each photograph produced is individual and un-reproducable.

The photographs themselves are inspired by early romanticism, exploring the inner thoughts of an individual rather than trying to create a direct representation of the outer.

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