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Thursday, 8 May 2014

What's Sinister is Sinister

I've been scanning my German family album and seeing what comes out. It goes from a 1920s White Ribbon feel - faded bourgeois with that Mittel Europ feel for nature and the forest and secret histories - through the Nazi years and beyond. Most German family albums have been really heavily edited, but this one hasn't - I like to think it's because my grandfather was quite a vocal anti-Nazi and so was my uncle (who appears enthusiastically wearing his Hitler Youth uniform in his younger years but then turned against the Nazis and  got sent to the Eastern Front and Stalingrad at the age of 16 for his troubles)

It's been noted before how one image can affect another, how a landscape, a gate, a hut, or a field are influenced by a visual catalogue that sits in the back of our minds, how what looks benign can be made sinister, how what is sinister remains just that. That is what this edit is about.

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