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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A message from our sponsors....

Why can't everyone be like me?

I've tried imposing my will on my domestic and working life. But somehow it's not working, something's not getting through. my desire for everything that makes life organised and manageable is not being conveyed to the slothful, gluttonous and lustful people that surround me.

Some new strategies are required. That's why this weekend I'm going to Photo Book Bristol Propaganda Event at the Southbank Club in Bedminster, Bristol. It's all about propaganda, photobooks with fabulous food and music thrown in.

The speakers are Martin Parr, Lewis Bush, Ian Bamford and Brian Griffin. There will also be an extensive collection of propaganda photobooks in the upstairs section that you are not going to see anywhere else.

Buy tickets for the Propaganda Weekend here. 

And sign up for Lewis's Propaganda Workshop here.

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