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Friday, 17 October 2014

Beyonce's Camera

What camera do you own and what does it say about your personality? I share a camera with Beyonce, a Fuji x-100, but then I share that camera with everybody who wants a cool-looking camera. And I'm not sure that's a good thing.

But we get a cool looking camera and get to share it with Beyonce and Jay-Z, so that ain't bad; I used to have a little Ricoh and so Terry Richardson! Sharing with Bey is way better than sharing with Tel.

But then I've still got a Hasselblad and Neil Armstrong had (no getting picky here) a Hasselblad on the moon. And you don't get cooler than that?

Unless you're talking Robert Capa. There's no-one cooler than Capa and Capa used Contaxes and I used Contaxes too. What a Dreamboat! 

You get weirder than Capa though. I used to have a whole bunch of electric Rolleis. I liked the electric Rolleis (until they broke) and so did Roger Ballen? 

Which makes me an amalgam of Beyonce, Ballen, Armstrong, Capa and Tel. Which, with a few misgivings along the way isn't bad. 


John macpherson said...

I have a Zeiss Ikon Ikonta which my dad used to take pics of me what I was a baby, toddler and starting school. Don't see no famous people with them these days. ( but I do have an x100 and two Ricoh GR's so I guess I'm sad and predictable, if a little confused).

colin pantall said...

Wow! That makes you way too cool for school with just enough German to control your baser instincts and allow your inner beauty to flood out and enlighten us all. Well done John!