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Friday, 24 October 2014

Salvi Danes' Invention of Landscape


Transmontanus by Salvi Danes is an elegant little book of black and white images by Salvi Danes. Published by Ediciones Anomalas in Spain, it tells the poetic story of returning to the landscape one knew as a child and seeing it with fresh eyes, reliving the experience and being of the place you once knew and feeling the eddies of those past experiences mingle with the sensations of the present.

It's a book where the textures of the landscape, the feel of the wind in your hair, the looking and the waiting are written into the images. They seem almost nostalgic and a little bit magical - there are stairs that go nowhere and doors that hang in the middle of fields.

But there are also the piercing eyes of the present. At times Danes seems to yank us away from our reverie into the here and now. We are yanked out of our naive childhood memories, memories that are invented and unreliable in any case and placed back into the harshness of the immediate present.

Landscapes are invented says Danes, and memories, childhood and time are invented too. Transmontanus is a visual depiction of those memories that is quiet, elegant and rather lovely.

Buy the book here. 

And check out Danes' other work, especially Blackcelona, here.





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