Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Best Books, Blogs and Hats of 2014

Best Hat Award: Isabel's Hat

As the blog prepares to shut down for Christmas, here's some more bests from the blog (that aren't on my Top 10 list but might have been).

Best Belgian photobook: Max Pinckers and  Will they Sing like Raindrops or Leave me Thirsty - this has some of my words in, otherwise it would be in my top 10

Best Photobook with a Scientific discourse: Yann Lingard and Deposit

Best Photobook from Last Year (that I didn't see until this year): Chris Anderson and Stump

Best English Landscape Book: Andy Sewell and Something Like a Nest

Best Allotment Book that's not really a photobook: Susie Parr and Black Country Allotment Story

Best Allotment Book that is a photobook: Joachim Brohm and Typology 1979

Best Book about a Burnt-Down Childhood Home: Karin Burghouts and the house of my childhood burned down and I went in to take pictures

Best Photobooks I haven't seen but would like to: Red String by Yoshikatsu Fujii and 19.06_26.08.1945 by Andrea Botto

Best Collision of Science, Social Media and Photography: Aaron Law and The Smoke Rubble Index

Best Song about Photography: Mik Artistic and We've all Been Touched (but not in a dirty way)

Best Archive of an Affair: Günter K. „Margret – Chronik einer Affäre

Best Documentary Film: Martin Parr and Turkey and Tinsel (see it in Hastings on December 11th)

Best Video of a book with musical accompaniment: Grand Circle Diego by Cyril Costilhes

Best Musical Accompaniment to a Silent Film: Lola Perrin's score for the Wind

Best Chinese Archive: The Historical Photographs of China

Best Photobook Descriptive Title: Karin Burghouts and the house of my childhood burned down and I went in to take pictures

Best Blog Post that I Repeat Every Year: Stop Coveting the Old and Unaffordable

Best Blog Post about a photographer I hadn't heard of before: Paying for Pictures: Prostitutes and the Homeless

Blog Post with most Reads: Documentary and the Dinosaurs, ho hum

Best Blog Post about Pointless Photography: The Dreck of Photographic Muzak

Best True Blog Post: Amazon Turns Everything to Shit

Best Hat: Isabel's hat.

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