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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Slow Photography: Beyond the Visual Landscape

from Angus Carlyle: The Cave Mouth and the Giant Voice

So we've had slow TV, how about slow photography? Most photography is pretty slow, some of it by accident, and some of it quite intentionally.

    picture by Susan Derges

This November, together with Max Houghton and Jesse Alexander, I'm organising a day of events titled Beyond the Visual Landscape. It's a day of sound and word and image and how they all tie together, a day where we go beyond photography to understand what it is that makes a place look, sound and feel the way it does, and how we can use these ideas to represent the landscape and the way we walk, sense and remember it. It's a day of intentionally slow work taking place in a slow venue filled with slow loveliness.

picture by Paul Gaffney

The line-up is:

Angus Carlyle
Susan Derges
Paul Gaffney
Jem Southam 

Which is a great line-up (and we have additions to make) of thought provoking artists who put the psychological, emotional, biographical and physical at the heart of their work. So put the date in your diary. It's taking place at the Southbank Centre (the spiritual home of Photobook Bristol) on Saturday November 7th. Tickets will be available in July/August.

picture by Jem Southam


Brian Steptoe said...

Sound a good day. I will advertise it on the RPS Contemporary Facebook page.
See you at Bristol Photobook Featival.

colin pantall said...

Cheers Brian - see you at Bristol Photobook.

Andrew said...

This sounds ideal! Too bad I'm in California. But what a fantastic idea.