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Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Message from Our Sponsors: Come to Gazebook Sicily

Ricardo Martinez Paz

Carolyn Drake

Mark Power


Erik Kessels

Emma Uwejoma

Tifi and Tofu (picture by Giosi Centore)

Barack Obama (picture by Lewis Bush)

Jane Austen

Olivia Arthur

  Alex Bocchetto

William Henry Fox Talbot

The triptych of European photobook festivals (Kassel, Bristol and Vienna) is over. The photography circus moves on to Arles, then there's Unseen in Amsterdam, Paris Photo and so on.

There's the idea ( expressed here by the excellent Joerg Colberg. Give him some money for his fundraiser here) that there are too many photobook festivals, or too many photography festivals, and the same people go to them. That is probably true. But above and beyond the same old photographers, publishers and booksellers, the festivals do get different audiences, most of whom are local and only go to the one festival event that is local to them. And there's only one Paris, Amsterdam, Arles....

Just like there's only one Sicily.

Because tucked in behind Unseen, Amsterdam, on September 11th/12th/13th there's a festival called Gazebook Sicily. It's taking place in the small seaside town of Punta Secca (best known as the setting for Montalbano - an Italian TV show; it's Midsummer Murders but with sex, and in Italy). There's a beach and the brief includes beaches, gazebos and panama hats. There's room for that!

The festival has been in the planning for, ooh, months now, ever since Melissa Carnemolla, Bellina Teresa and Simone Sapienza managed to talk Cora Banche into contributing some Euros to fund the festival.

Simone Sapienza is a second year student on the Documentary Photography course at Newport where I teach. Last year the BJP asked me to get a picture of Martin Parr holding a copy of the magazine. Simone saw that. He asked me to get a picture of Parr holding a sign promoting Gazebook Sicily. I did that, but I got a bit carried away and asked a few other people. So here are just some of my favourites. But thank you so much to everyone who helped out (even if, especially if, you had no idea what you were promoting).

 Gazebook are on Facebook and here is the website which will be updated in the coming weeks with food, travel and accomodation details (including cheap accomodation and camping).

And here is a provisional line up - with more to follow in the coming weeks.

'We are open air. In the morning there will be activities such as portfolio reviews, bookshop, speakers' corner, open labs, workshops for kids, games on the beach, pre-drinks or bbq in the night.'

 Sunset at 7.45pm. 


6pm Opening by Gazebook Founders
9pm Colin Pantall: TBC
10pm Mark Power: A History of Mark Power's Photobooks


6pm Editing for magazines (Manila Camarini, photo editor of "D La Repubblica" magazine;
7pm Bunga Bunga and The Adventures of Pinocchio, by Lorenzo Tricoli
9pm Guy Martin and Max Pinckers
10pm Akina, Discipula and guests


7pm Boy Old Boy, by Roberto Boccaccino. Link between the project and its dissemination
9pm "La guerra, una storia siciliana" by Tony Gentile - book about mafia in Sicily in 90s'
10pm Italia o Italia, by Clavarino

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