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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Rocco Venezia's Nekyia: A Journey Into the Land of the Dead

Next up on the overview of work from students on the Documentary Photography course at the University of South Wales is Nekyi by Rocco Venezia.

Essentially Nekyia is the idea of the journey of recovery of the self by flipping the conscious and the unconscious mind and travelling to those dark inner spaces where the real monsters lie. It's a trip to the underworld of the self in other words.

For Rocco, the symbolic recovery of the self, his trip to the underworld involved a literal trip to the River Acheron in Greece, the river that in Greek mythology separates the living world from the Underworld, from the Kingdom of Hades.

And of course it's taking place in Greece, which is undergoing its own crisis of self. So there is a mix of the personal, the symbolic, the mythical and the political. It's a work in progress, but it's ambitious and there's a story that is being told. It'll make a great book (and I've got my name down for a copy because he's making a bunch for the end of year show)!

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