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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Last Post from Documentary Photography: Lua Riberia's Noises in the Blood

This is a look at Dancehall Culture from a perspective that preserves the ritual, the mythical, and the sexual in a very direct manner. 

Last year, Lua won the Firecracker Photographic Grant (which is open to entries now) for an earlier incarnation of Noises in the Blood, a project which has significantly got a thumbs up from Professor Carolyn Cooper who wrote the book from which Lua found her title - and you can see Professor Carolyn Cooper's Noises in the Blood here.  

'Noises in the Blood, is an interpretation of the Jamaican Dancehall ritual. The work reflects on the richness of this Afro Caribbean form of folklore, currently developing in the United Kingdom. My intention is to explore the complexity and importance of this cultural expression in relation to a Western perspective, embracing the impossibility of fully understanding it, as starting point of a greater dialogue.'

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