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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Happy New Year: The Face of 2017

I watched Strictly Ballroom over the New Year and saw Barry Fife, the corrupt dancing judge (who incidentally didn't get elected to Queensland's federal government. Queenslanders aren't as dumb as some we could mention).

And I thought "there it is. That's the face of 2017. Crass, venal and corrupt. The face of life-denying tradition."

But it's not Fife  who triumphs in the film. It's Fran and Scott and everyone else. And they're not crass, corrupt or venal. They affirm life. They go with love. They try new steps.

So it's love that's won. And old hate's down for the count.

So they're my faces of 2017. Rather than continuing with the traditional British discourse of, er, progress; an endless litany of self-obsessed finger pointing, hectoring, mean-minded narcissism, droning monologues, myopic hobbyism and downright misery, let's go for an affirmation of life, Fran and Scott. Faces of love, doing something new, facing up to the enemy and carrying on regardless. In an entertaining way, that takes the people with them.

Let them be a lesson to us all

Happy New Year.

O Buon Anno! Si, e vero. l'italiano รจ in arrivo. Inizio la prossima settimana.

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