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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Espanol es impossible! Un resena del Passport del Alexander Chekmenev

todos los fotografias del Alexander Chekmenev

Hoy escrivo en espanol. No puedo escriver en espanol, pero hay no problema for esto blog, la Piedra Rosetta di Fotografia. Pero quiero decir pardono me a todos los personas qui hablant espanol en el mundo. Pardono me!


Entonces, hoy el libro fotografia que Yo reseno es Passportde Alexander Chekmenev. Es muy bien. Al frente del libro, hay fotografias passoporto pequenos del personas muy viejos. Pero, estas fotografias son viejos tambien, del annos 1994-95. Chekmenev tomo las fotos en la decada 1990s quando los personas Ucraino no son Soviet  mas.

Los personas en los fotos no son ricos, pero son muy pobre y quantos son infermos. Chekmenev tomo sesenta fotos en una dia. Es multi fotos por un dia.

Pero, Chekmenev ha fotografia los cuartos donde los viejos vivan. No son grande pero son pequeno y muy pobre. Es muy triste.

Entonces, el libro es muy bueno y mi espanol es muy malo.



Y en Ingles con Google Translate

And in English with Google Translate

Today I write in Spanish. I can not write in Spanish, but there is no problem for this blog, the Rosetta Stone of Photography. But I want to say pardon me to all the people who speak Spanish in the world. Pardono me!

So, today the photograph book that I re-read is Alexander Chekmenev's Passport. Is very good. To the front of the book, there are small passoporto photographs of the very old people. But, these photographs are also old, from the years 1994-95. Chekmenev took the photos in the 1990s when the Ukrainian people are not Soviet anymore.

The people in the photos are not rich, but they are very poor and how many are inferences. Chekmenev took sixty photos in one day. It's multi photos for a day.

But, Chekmenev has photographed the rooms where the old people live. They are not large but they are small and very poor. It is very sad.

So the book is very good and my Spanish is very bad.


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