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Monday, 13 March 2017

Telling kids they're not Danish: Even meaner than Jill Greenberg

Oh no, this is so mean. It makes Jill Greenberg's crying kids look like they've been visited by the fairy godmother. All Greenberg did was take away their lollipops. The makers of this film took away their nationality!

But it's affecting as well. I don't know. The kids are real too, one is the child of the director - and the parents were present during filming.

This is the story of the film... (go to youtube to see more on the film and the making of).

'The rightwing politicians in Denmark who are in power have made it very clear, that children that born in Denmark, to immigrant parents (even if only 1 of the parents are foreign) are no longer considered Danish. This is not a legal issue as they will remain citizens, but a cultural one, as they become demoted to being second class citizens. Since our politicians lack the courage to look our children in their eyes and tell them the news, we decided to, and to share their honest reaction as a powerful reminder to those in power to remember that the choices they make, the words they use, and the hate they spread effects everyone, especially our children. Children all over the world are not deaf, dumb, nor blind. They hear the radio, they watch TV, they have access to the internet, and social media, they have phones, tablets, and computers. They are also affected by the hate that is spread, bigotry, Xenophobia, and racism that seems to have become the norm.'

(Thanks to my documentary photography students and Patrick Wassman for showing me this.)

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