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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Louis Herron and the Resurrection of the Victims of Columbine

The final post on this year's Documentary Photographers is Louis Herron's Columbine. For this project Louis scanned the internet for images of victims of the Columbine shootings, then recreated them using 3D imaging softwared - the intention being to print them out using a 3d printer. It's a strange form of digital resurrection of the murdered people gaining some kind of new half-life through the technology that was, in part at least, linked directly to their killers.

Coorey de Pooter

This is what Louis says about the project


On April 20th 1999, two high school seniors carried out one of the most infamous shootings in contemporary America. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold spent the majority of their adolescence attending Columbine High School together. Both had unextraordinary childhoods, took part in extra curriculum activities and were employed by a local pizza shop. Despite this seemingly blissful suburban life, they jointly harbored a sinister hatred of society that came to fruition on this day. Together they plotted to murder hundreds of their peers in a symbolic act of defiance and revenge. Assembling an arsenal of almost one hundred IED’s and enough ammunition to kill every student in attendance, the pair sought a way to write themselves into history.

Dan Rohrbug

Over the preceding days, weeks and months the pair’s actions continued to not only affect the lives of the small community of Columbine, but America as a whole. During the fallout, legislation was passed requiring all guns to have a safety lock and the implementation of metal detectors and armed guards in schools across the country, with increased scrutiny of both journalism and video games for their perceived roles.

Harris and Klebold continuously positioned themselves within the digital, hosting sites dedicated to the game DOOM whilst also acting as a platform to air their ideologies. In recreating the events of the shooting within a digital realm, it removes the immediate ramifications formed by our collective trauma, allowing an objective insight.

Dave Sanders

Contact Louis at: louis.t.herron@googlemail.com

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