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Monday, 4 September 2017

All Quiet on the Home Front: Available Now!

I am very excited to announce that my book  All Quiet on the Home Front is now available for pre-order.

I never really knew who I was.

Then my daughter was born.

And I became a father.

And that is what I became.

All Quiet on the Home Front tells the story of the relationship between me, my daughter, the landscape around us, and how I learnt how to be a father I wanted to be. It is the story of how these landscapes crystallised our relationship.

It’s also the story of the fears  that came about because of being a father, the anxiety and doubt invaded my ideas of who I was, and the continual loss of self that occurs as your child grows up and away from you. I started off not knowing who I was and now Isabel is 16, I find myself back in the same place. Though it's not the same place.

All Quiet on the Home Front is life affirming, and idealistic in a bitter sweet kind of way, in a sad kind of way that will be recognisable to many. It’s about how we mapped ourselves in our natural surroundings and became part of the the world around us. All Quiet on the Home Front is a portrait of my daughter, it’s a portrait of the landscapes we inhabit, and it’s a self-portrait of my life as a father of a child, a life that has almost ended.

It's my first book and is the first part of a quartet of books that look at how environment, architecture politics and culture shape who we are and how we are understood. You can read more about the book in the current issue of the BJP, with a lovely text by Lucy Davies.

More images are available on my website here. And of course I'll be posting non-stop about it both on my blog and on my Instagram account here.

The book will be published by ICVL and I'll be talking with Alejandro Acin, the wonderful publisher, this weekend at Gazebook in Sicily. And thanks also to Sam Harvey, the brilliant cinematographer who filmed the sequence (edited by Alejandro) that you can see here. Watch out for the second film which will be coming out in a couple of weeks on the Vogue Italia Website. Many, many more thanks are due and will come to all the people who helped so much with the encouragement, the editing, the endorsements and the love!

The book will be published in November, launching at Paris Photo. You can pre-order the book here. The pre-order price is £33 and you can buy the book here.

Fifty subscriber's editions are also available for £100. These come with a limited edition print of the image below. And the prints are absolutely gorgeous so it's a bargain! You know you want to, so go ahead and support the book. I'll love you for it!


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