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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Tipi, Polycopies Boat, Paris Photo: All Quiet on the Home Front Book Launch

All Quiet on the Home Front Update.

Thank you so much to everybody who has pre-ordered a copy of All Quiet on the Home Front. We're so grateful for helping us publish the book and bringing the work to a far wider audience.

What is really wonderful for me is how the work is touching people above and beyond the images. The work resonates with people on personal, environmental and physical levels. I've had people tell me about their childhoods, about their fathers, about their daughters, about the places they used to play in and inhabit. There is a beauty, a vitality, a tenderness and a roughness that communicates to people and, though it was what we wanted, it is strangely surprising but most of all really beautiful.The words in the book have stimulated memories and stories and made people both revisit the past and look to the future.

I am always unsure about which way to go with my work (which is why until now, nothing has ever been finished) and this was especially true of All Quiet on the Home Front. It has emotion and a depth of feeling (including some sadness) which is always difficult to manage and very easy to avoid. But thanks to the advice of many people (but especially Katherine, my wife, and Alex, director of ICVL Studio, a direction was found that was the difficult option.

We've had sales in Melbourne, Tokyo, Osaka, Minneappolis, Ann Arbor, New York, Toronto, Brussels, Berlin, San Sebastian, Newcastle, Amsterdam, Paris, Penarth, Bristol, Bath, Massachusetts, Murcia, Huesca, Catania, Malmo,  and many more places. It's been a global affair.

As a result we can go ahead with the printing of the book. We will be printing on two stocks of paper, one for image and one for text, with a card cover. The final rough dummy we have made looks absolutely beautiful, with image flowing into text and text flowing into image. It's going to be a beautiful book.

We've also had some great press and All Quiet has featured in the BJP, in the Daily Telegraph, in terviews on Drool, and by Giulia Bianchi and on the Vogue Italia website.

So we are a fair way there, but we still need your support. You can support All Quiet on the Home Front by pre-ordering either the Regular Edition or the Subscriber's Edition.

The Subscriber's edition comes with a limited edition print - and this is the only time this print will be available at this cost - of the same image. It is printed on archival cotton art paper and it is beautiful.

The Subscriber's edition comes in the obligatory box - but we decided to up the ante a bit here and have a box which will feature a linocut by Isabel of the first image in the book. She's still working on this but here's the template for the linocut. So you get two artworks for the price of one.

The book will launch on the Tipi Bookstand on the Polycopies Boat at Paris Photo - and there really is nowhere better to be at Paris Photo than the Tipi Bookstand on the Polycopies boat.

The Pre-Order price for All Quiet on the Home Front is £33, or £100 for the Subscriber's Edition, postage not included. The pre-orders end on November 9th for the regular edition when the price will be £40 and the last week in October for the Subscriber's edition when the price will be(£140 for the Subscribers' edition.

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