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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Is the NHS like a Ponzi Scheme: You decide

I'm trying to think of who I can compare Laura Kuenssberg to, but I can't really find anyone. She's the recipient of all kinds of abuse because... well, she does come out with some odd stuff. It doesn't justify the abuse of course, but... it's odd.

The latest comment that shows she has her finger on the British political pulse is her suggestion that many people believe the NHS is like a ponzi scheme - that is, a scam designed to take money away from people and enrich those at the top of the pyramid.

Not something that saves people's lives, that stops a disaster like the Las Vegas shooting from being both a physical and a financial disaster, that ensures that if you break a leg you won't have to pay $20,000 to get it fixed.

No, she doesn't think people think that. She thinks 'many' people think it's a ponzi scheme. I know she's reporting things that came out of somebody else's mouth, but is it brave to say such a thing.

And if you start with ponzi scheme, why not crank it up a little. Why not say  it's brave to say "The NHS is a jellyfish."

"Guns don't kill people. The NHS kills people."

"Mickey Rooney didn't need the NHS and it never did him any harm."

Or "They started with the NHS in North Korea and look where it got them.

I can't help but think she just likes the attention here, it's such a silly thing to say. Not Brave. Silly. No, not Silly. silly. With a small s.

But I made a poll. This is the choice.

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