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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Stories From the Home Front: Gabriela Cendoya and The Fullness of Loss

The latest Stories from Home comes courtesy of Gabriela Cendoya-Bergareche  and is filled with absence. Find previous Stories  hereherehere and here

These two pictures are the closest to All quiet on the home front I could find… I'm not sure they are about fatherhood or motherhood though, maybe they are more about the lack of it. 

The first one is me in the woods in 1971 and it must have been taken by my aunt, who was THE photographer then. My mother died young and as far as I can remember, my father never touched a camera. 

The second one is from 75, a few months after my father’s death, and has been taken by my brother. It is about living in a rather isolated place, very close to the landscape, and not being able to talk too much about what we miss. 

I really love the way you do it in your book, showing this strong link of love with Isabel in the landscape, and your vulnerability and fear at the same time. Your book took me back in time, to remind me of the lost moments I miss today. 

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