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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Vicki Bennett on the archive. It's available and it's abundant.

The Mirror trailer from Vicki WFMU on Vimeo.

This is the last of the archive posts for ICVL,  a short interview with Vicki Bennett for the Activating the Archive symposium in Bristol on
May 5th

Check out her multi-media videos at People like Us for a trance journey across the ages. 

And come to Bristol this Saturday May 5th to find out

- what is an archive?

- what is a photograph?

- what does it mean?

- what is the point of it all?

What has led you to working with archival material?

Availability and Abundance.  The triple A.  I consider what I do as Folk Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction.

How do you activate archives within your practice?

I source from both audio and moving image pre-existing material and weave new threads, creating patchworks.  The only rule I make is that I am transformative, and through collage hope the audience see many layers and reflections in the results.

In a post-digital world, what role do physical archives play?

We are the archives, our bodies, voices, neural networks.  The digital or analogue archives exist before and after us, we are the ones who activate them, move them around, present them, hide them, the medium isn't necessarily the message.  


The Mirror trailer from Vicki WFMU on Vimeo.
Briefly, what can we expect from your talk?

To tell stories of my tangential journeys through pre-existing media.  We are all working with archives, since the past is every moment up to this time, that past sentence that you read is already gone.  The key intentions of my work are to be engaging and transformative and to elevate, and I hope that I can do that with my talk.  It hopefully will make you laugh in places too :)

Amak Mahmoodian will be talking about all this and much more on Saturday 5th May at the Arnolfini in Bristol in this brilliant symposium on the archive with speakers including  Maja Daniels, Vicki Bennett, Francesca Seravalle Charbel Saad, Thomas Sauvin, Kensuke Koike, and Amak Mahmoodian.

It's a serious bargain at £25 for the day and takes place in the wonderful waterfront location of the Arnolfini, with fantastic food, drink and cake all available within a few minutes walk.

Buy your tickets for ICVL's Activating the Archive here.

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