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Friday, 17 April 2020

Susan Bright on Photography and Curating

Annunciation #11, 2011 © Elina Brotherus

Image by Elina Brotherus

Susan Bright gave her second talk on Tuesday, on photography and motherhood, based around the show she curated for both the Photographers' Gallery and the Foundling Museum. Thank you to everybody who joined and took part in what's a really enjoyable series of talks.

Susan talked about the invisibility of motherhood, the way it has been made invisible (lots of masks and concealing featured), controlled and iconicised, split into polar opposites that leave a fragmented and destructive way of seeing and being that you'll find echoed in mythology (I saw Madeline Miller give a great talk on her book, Circe in which she categorised witches in a way that mirrored the way that mothers have been categorised).

These are reflected through representations in photography, in art, in mythology, in film, that gravitate towards either abundance or loss; the abundance of life, of vitality, of glowing skins and idealised children, of a future that rises like the sun over a 1930s meadow. And  the loss of identity, of sexuality, of body, of mind, of child, and partner too.

Most poignant were Elina Brotherus' Anunciation, showing pictures of her failed IVF treatment. I remember seeing these at the exhibition and being moved by the directness of the images and the emotions and parallel universes they brought up. There was something unmediated about them (despite their highly mediated nature) that cut across multiple emotional, cultural, personal and physical worlds. Though there were no children in site, the intensely physical craving, the hope and despair created a shadow world. These images revealed the power of photography to occupy a space where a single image can make visual leaps across time, across space, across art forms. I absolutely loved them and wondered that until they were shown in the Home Truths exhibition, they had never even been shown to anybody else. That's another form of invisibility.

What was also interesting was the fact that the two exhibition sites allowed for the curation of two very different shows, coming from very different perspectives. This was a theme that also featured in her first talk, on food and photography Which leads us into the next talk which is on curating and photography, in particular her guest curation at PHotoESPAƑA last year.

It's on Tuesday 21st April, at 1pm UK time.

And if you're interested in joining, use this link - meet.google.com/niw-aarn-rrs 

It won't work until the meeting is opened about 15 minutes before the talk.

Or send me a message and I'll send you an invite (which will also send you the link but with a quicker join)

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