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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Hannah Watson at the Royal Photographic Society, March 3rd


I am starting a new series of talks  at the RPS on March 3rd. The series includes speakers from around the world who are involved in the connections between how local, international, ethical, creative and commercial concerns overlap in the  showing, publishing, and dissemination of  work. 

The speakers are not primarily photographers in these talks, but rather people who think very carefully about images have been and are used. 

And the first speaker is Hannah Watson of TJ Boulting Gallery

1.     In her talk,  Exhibiting Photography, Hannah Watson of TJ Boulting Gallery will look at how to show work from multiple perspectives. She will look at how she set up and built her gallery, how art and commerce combine in the settings of the online space, the gallery, and the fair. She will also give insights into how ideas, practice, and the commercial overlap and how the photographer/artist can combine these elements in presenting their work to galleries. She will also talk about how she got her gallery established, and what it is that makes work be successfully either critically or commercially, something that we think about, write about, teach so much, but we can never quite put our fingers on. 

      How all those elements of making work come together, pricing work, describing work, promoting work in different settings (from her own gallery to major photography fairs like Photo London) where different audiences and expectations apply will also be examined. All of these elements are something of a mystery, but the artists, and in particular female artists (Maisie Cousins, Juno Calypso, and Haley Morris-Cafiero are all featured here, as is Jack Latham), that TJ Boulting indicate that the idea of there being something substantial in great images, that tying in to broader photographic, visual, and cultural narratives makes things some images operate on different levels. What those levels are, we hope to find out. If you are wondering about exhibiting work, pricing work, or approaching galleries, this is a talk for you. There will be ample opportunities for questions as we seek to unpack the mysteries of exhibiting photography.

      Go here for more information and to sign up. The talks start on March 3rd and here is the full line up. 

1.    1. Wednesday 3rd March – Exhibiting Photography – Hannah Watson

2. Wednesday 10th March – Curating Photography - Susan Bright

3. Wednesday 17th March – Cultural, political and personal identity in Mexican and Latin American photography - Ana Casas Broda

4. Wednesday 24th March – Flora, Photography, Illustration - Gem Toes Crichton

5. Wednesday 31st March – Collaboration and Queerness - Anthony Luvera

6. Wednesday 7th April – The personal, the historical, the political: Disecting In the Shadow of the Pyramids  Laura El Tantawy

7. Wednesday 14th April – Africa in the Photobook - Ben Krewinkel

8. Wednesday 21st April – Establishing a Photo Festival - Nayantara Gurung Kakshapati 

Hannah Watson is the Director of publisher Trolley Books and contemporary art gallery TJ Boulting. Established in 2001, Trolley Books publish a diverse range of titles presenting unique stories in photography, photojournalism and contemporary art. In 2005 Trolley received a special commendation from the Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards for its outstanding contribution to photography book publishing. Hannah Watson joined Trolley in 2005 and continues the legacy of its founder Gigi Giannuzzi, who died at the end of 2012. The gallery TJ Boulting was founded when they relocated from Shoreditch to Fitzrovia in 2011. The gallery takes its name from the landmark Arts & Crafts building it inhabits. TJ Boulting’s programme supports and represents emerging and mid career contemporary artists in all mediums, including Juno Calypso, Maisie Cousins, Haley Morris-Cafiero, Poulomi Basu and Benedicte Kurzen. TJ Boulting has hosted the British Journal of Photography International Award since 2015, whose winners include Dominic Hawgood, Felicity Hammond, Juno Calypso, Daniel Castro Garcia, Sara, Peter & Tobias and Jack Latham. Hannah is Chair of The Fitzrovia Chapel, the Grade II* listed building originally part of the former Middlesex Hospital and a secular charity for art and the community, on the awards committee for the Royal Photographic Society, and Chair of the Contemporaries patrons committee for The Photographers' Gallery.

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