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Saturday, 15 December 2007


The Guardian Weekend Magazine has a feature on the Paparazzi

Reaching for the stars

There's been an explosion of paparazzi since the boom in digital cameras and celebrity magazines. Is it all as cruel as it looks? Decca Aitkenhead joins the pack

Saturday December 15, 2007
The Guardian

'Leave her alone, you dirty scum! Why don't you just leave her alone?" As two paparazzi scramble on to the pavement to catch Amy Winehouse emerging from her Mercedes van, a pair of young women bustle out of a cafe. "She's just trying to lead her life!" they scold, before pursuing the singer into the newsagent's. "You doing all right then, love?" the pair cluck. One throws an arm around Winehouse, drawing her tight, while the other steadies her mobile phone camera for the shot. "Now then, Amy," the woman exhorts. "Smile!"

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