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Thursday, 3 January 2008

annet van der voort

Annet van der Voort looks at young mothers with their new borns in a direct way that captures something of the physical and emotional trauma of becoming a mother. There's a real sense of fatigue in there and I like the feeling of the frailty of mother and child.


JuJu said...

I love this work! It really hit home for me tonight looking at Annet Van Der Voort's photographs of young mothers with their babies.

I went to go see a movie tonight in NYC called "Juno" about a rough and tumble on the outside and sentimentalist on the inside pregnant teenager. Many these things come together in some universal rush...no, coincidences here. Also, my first thought when I saw the image of the blonde young woman on your blog was Rampling in "Georgie Girl"...the look of "What do i do with this thing anyway". In fact the baby in this image does look frightening even next to the downward stark stare of the new mom.

These stories are not new but I suppose the generation is creating a whole group of young mothers who are incredibly cynical and dark. They just have seen a lot more than children of past generations. I'll stop there.

Yes, I believe in these images. They seem very real to me.
thanks as always for enlightening me Mr. Pantall.

Bigs Beasley

colin pantall said...

A pleasure to hear from you, Bigs.

What do I do with this thing anyway? is so spot on - I don't these mothers have necessarily seen more than children of previous generations, but the pictures and the sentiments you can read into them are very real, universal and go beyond the contemporary.