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Monday, 28 January 2008


copyright Colin Pantall

Can't imagine why, but this poster of a pointing Suharto, the Father of Development, makes me think of this song by the Fall - H-H-H-Hilary.

HILARY - The Fall

Where's the sixty quid you borrowed off me for the gas?
I won't give you a kiss
Hey Hilary

'New Faces' on Saturday at six
Brought you back to me


I'm sure it was you in the new Audi
Outside Sainsbury's


Remember when you needed three caps of speed
To get out of bed
And now you're on ecstasy


With your daft African pop
And that wine you call bull's blood


I thank the lord that you still don't live next to me



Joerg said...

I am relieved I'm not the only person who has been thinking about that song!

Anonymous said...

I heart MES.

colin pantall said...

We all love MES - he's there to remind us all of who we filthy weasels really are.

Yep, Joerg, that song is just not going away anytime soon. It's got sticking power.