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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Jacob Aue Sobol - Sabine

Greenland is the next setting for a photographic exploration of emotion and place, this time in another interview I did - with Jacob Aue Sobol for Gomma Magazine. Sobol's Sabine is a beautiful book which captures a time and place through the photographer's love affair with Sabine.

“When I was a child, my father gave me a book called The Diary of a Hunter. It showed Greenland and the changes that were taking place there. I finally visited Greenland when I was a student. I wanted to show the culture clash between the traditional and the modern. I went to Tiniteqilaaq, a settlement with 150 people. I had 2 rules while I was out there - no pictures of icebergs or empty beer bottles.

After 5 weeks, I got home, developed my film and realised I had only photographed the clich├ęs of Greenland, so I went again and stayed with a priest called Hans. I went hunting with him and on one trip, I saw a seal - the rule is that if you see an animal first, you kill it. Hans gave me the gun and I shot the seal. It was the first animal I had ever killed and it changed my relationship with Greenland forever.

Then I fell in love with Sabine and started living with her and her family. Now, instead of coming home with exposed film, I wanted to come home with fish or fur. I started using my compact camera to record my emotions with Sabine. I was fascinated by the spontaneous way she expressed her joy, her fear, her sorrow and I tried to capture that in my photographs.

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