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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Trafalgar Square - Fourth Plinth

Following on from Margate, Tracey Emin has one of the four proposals for Trafalgar Square - the meerkat stature. I get the feeling Tracey is a fan of Meerkat Manor, ( an anthropomorphic animal soap opera about meerkats - I love it) but I can't say I like her proposal - now if it was one massive, threatening meerkat, that would be different.

Another proposal is Jeremy Deller's bombed out car from Iraq - mmm, not too sure about that, but it does get more interesting the more you think about it. It appeals, then doesn't appeal, then appeals again.

See all the proposals here.

My favourite statue from the past is still the Alison Lapper pregnant statue (not favourite enough to buy the book though). It's too big and too shiny say some. Not big or shiny enough, say I, but then I just visit Trafalgar Square as a tourist to feed the pigeons and sit on the lions - I don't have to live with the things. But the art world needs some Farrelly Brothers figures ( these are some of the reasons) - and with the Alison Lapper statue, Marc Quinn is as close as it gets.


Anonymous said...

Please don't feed those nasty pigeons. Ken would be very upset....

colin pantall said...

Good point - that's why I feed them Great Escape style, shuffling around with a bag full of seed tied to my ankle.