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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

zoltan jokay

In his interview on Magnum in Motion, Trent Parke talks about ending a project, moving on, developing a new way of seeing that looks at the physical rather than the emotional.

Zoltan Jokay talks about a similar thing here, hinting at a visual writer's block (duh - photographer's block, innit!) and the downside of using a visual language shared by others - or at least perceived to be shared by others.

In many ways, Trent Parke, Jacob Aue Sobol and Daido Moriyama share a visual language - 35mm black and white images relying on a direct understanding of light, the use of leicas and ricoh gr1s and faith in the random machinations of impulse photography. But they way they work and what they work with makes each one unique and their images unmistakeable. Others will try to copy their style (there are a million mini-Daidos out there) but will fail miserably - simply because they're not Trent Parke, Jacob Aue Sobol or Daido Moriyama.

It seems to me that Jokay has a very recognizable language that makes beautiful images of people at odds with the world in some way. His vision comes out (though it's not perhaps best represented on his website) in his slightly disjointed and ethereal images that have a real new Europe feel to them.

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