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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Ismo Hollto

Thanks to Stan at Reciprocity Failure for pointing me in the direction of his favourite Finnish photographer, Ismo Hollto.

His pictures from the 1960s tie in with Esko Mannikko's themes of rural depopulation and show something of the mythical Finnish state of being mentioned in previous post. As it says on Hollto's website, "His subjects are on the verge of the end of an age of innocence and on the threshold of a new urban era. The villages in countryside were already emptying as people in the north and east were moving to the south of Finland. Many people moved to neighbouring Sweden in search of work.

The faces of Hollto's subjects emit the sadness that comes with the uncertainty of change, Vuorenmaa writes. You can often sense a concern for the future, a new kind of rootlessness in the people portrayed in Hollto's pictures. They've submitted to change, which has brought with it melancholy and longing for what's been lost. At the same time, these are still people living in a time of innocence, utopia, hope and the future."

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