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Monday, 25 February 2008

Television Personalities

If Richard West likes stuffed animals, I like TV. For me there are few pictures that can't be improved dramatically by a judiciously placed television, preferably one with something exciting happening like Nixon giving his resignation speech or Tony Blair being arrested for corruption.

Pictures of the screen have a certain magic, the mediation of film on a badly tuned analogue signal rendering a Dorian Gray like quality to those being photographed. Photographs of television images reveal the subject warts and all, the finer qualities of their celebrity/power-based lives somehow stripped bare.

Harry Gruyaert's TV Shots remains a great record of an epoch through television, but the addition of a light sprinkling of rough old images of the telly adds weight to many a great photobook. And so much work has been done directly from the television that it is a definite candidate for a top 10 place in the art photography cliche list.

Many of my happiest hours have been spent in front of the telly trying to capture that small screen decisive moment. To follow are some of my finest efforts, starting with Kim Jong Il in full Dr Evil mode.

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