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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Deutsche Borse Winner

Big congratulations to Esko Manniko for winning the Deutsche Borse Prize. A worthy winner!


Anonymous said...

He had my vote from the beginning! Excellent news.

colin pantall said...

Finnish artist Esko Mannikko is this year's winner of the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize.
Here's the story from the BJP - he gave a strange acceptance speech which is always a good sign!

"He was presented with a £30,000 cheque by David Furnish, who along with his partner Sir Elton John, is one of the UK's key photography collectors, at a ceremony at The Photographers' Gallery last week.

In a bizarre acceptance, he came to the stage and shouted 'Thank you verrrry much,' rolling his rs in a thick Finnish accent - and nearly blowing the speakers in the gallery's front lobby in the process - before singing 'I did it my way'. He then exited the stage before interrupting speeches two minutes later to say, 'I'm not going yet - some Finnish music', before launching into a short song line unintelligible to most of the audience.

The prize was given for his retrospective, Cocktails 1990-2007, at Millesgarden in Stockholm, which was exhibited last autumn. Mannikko is best known for his images from the remoter regions of his homeland, particularly the towns and villages that have become depopulated through urban migration.

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