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Monday, 31 March 2008

On Loving Jesus and Hating Abortion

Do US politicians have to be morally unimpeachable?

"Oh no," says Sara Paretsky,"you only have to love Jesus and be against abortion. Newt Gingrich served his wife divorce papers when she was in the recovery room after a radical mastectomy, but he loved Jesus and was against abortion. There was somebody in the Bush administration... who was forced to admit that many of his sexual experiences were with sheep, and this did not affect his ability to hold office because he loved Jesus and was against abortion. And besides, he said that in Georgia that's how most people first became sexually active."

From a Sara Paretsky interview in the Independent.


dR said...

I hate, hate abortion AND love Jesus...

Does that make me a good candidate for US politics? :)

colin pantall said...

Hi dr - Depends on your relationships with farmyard animals and whether they're consensual or not - that makes all the difference.

Otherwise, no. You must try harder!