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Monday, 28 April 2008

Unrealised Project Number 1

Following on from the previous post, everybody in the UK photographs the local shops at some point - a commentary on the overwhelming power of the big 5 supermarkets or something or other, it's the UK equivalent of photographing overpasses in Germany or suburban no-man-lands in North America.

I started but I never quite finished - I still like my portrait of Mrs A., keeper of the local shop when we lived in Grosvenor Place. It's one of my darlings, as is Mrs A. herself.


Anonymous said...

Always liked this and thought it had more potential for a bigger piece of work.
How about starting it up again?


colin pantall said...

Hi Tadhg:

Maybe, sometime, but I think the reason I like it is because it's Mrs A, who is a very special person, and the picture Mrs A is holding - it's of Mr A who had died a year before.

I did a few of these, and sometimes themes or ideas emerge that lead you in a certain direction - but I don't think that happened here. Or maybe I just didn't pursue it enough. I'm not sure which.

Oh - and it reminds me of one of the few jokes I know.

Q: What's yellow and sings?
A: John Lemon.