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Friday, 4 July 2008

July 4th

In my previous post, I mentioned James Howard Kunstler and his book, The Geography of Nowhere (which has influenced many photographers, most notably Jeff Brouws). This examines the brutalisation of American living spaces through roads, architecture and the destruction of public space.

Kunstler also has a website where he features his Eyesore of the Month. This is what he says about his July 4th offering.

" The Magic Forest amusement park, Lake George Village, New York. Here in this sweet-but-ridiculous little roadside attraction we see all the aspirations of a post-World War Two middle class -- the wish to feel good about our country (having just won a victory over manifest evil) and the secondary belief that we were now entitled to all the goodies that the universe had to offer. We can look at this kitsch panorama and wonder at the innocence of the nation we were back then. We have become something else now, something both scary and pathetic. What will be the icons of our country in The Long Emergency?

Happy birthday, United States of America"

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