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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Mrs Advani Archive Hour

Mrs A is a bit of a legend in Bath, her shop on the London Road was my favourite shop, a hotbed of herbs and spices and condiments deliberately kept at low prices for her more impoverished customers - with Mrs A always an inspiration and more than value for money.

Sad to say her shop closed due to ill health - so as a memory here are pictures of Mrs A with her family and on her wedding day with the late, lamented Mr A (he used to give Isabel bananas, lychees, mangoes, sweets, whatever was going).


Guy Johnson said...

What a star, I miss her shop, and of course Herself, on my occasion visits back to Bath.

Mrs. A was great, had a fabulous memory, worked hard, and kept her very good shop going for years.

I'll miss buying her 'sweeties' and miss the tins of sardines with chilli peppers ... I'd buy 10 or so at a time!

If you can, please pass on my best regards to her.


Sim Bennett said...

My goodness. A google search for 'Advani' 'shop' and 'Bath' brought me to your brilliant pictures. Thank you.

I used to live just down the road (Grosvenor Place)from Mr and Mrs A's wonderful shop and was a regular customer. Some of the loveliest people I knew back in those days.

She would tell me all about their younger days in Dheli, going to the cinema etc. and politics - I vaguely remember she once told me that Nehru was 'a vain idiot'.

Am I right in thinking that Mrs A has even done some stand-up comedy? I think she mentioned that.

Sad to read that Mr A has since passed away. He and I often used to see each other in the waiting room of the doctor's surgery down the London Road - I don't know if these visits were connected with the cause of his passing.

Anyway - lovely people, lovely memories, great shop!! I miss them both AND their shop.

Thanks for the pictures and the update. Bath legends indeed!


colin pantall said...

Sadly the shop closed but Mrs A is still in Bath.

Grosvenor Place is still there as well, Sim - I used to live in number 12. I think everybody who has ever lived in Bath who didn't have that much money used to live in Grosvenor Place.

Mrs A did some stand up once I think - but I think she was just herself.

there's another picture on the blog somewhere of Mrs A in the shop after Mr A passed away - I miss the place too and Mrs A's tales of India (her grandfather was one of the founders of the BJP, believe it or not) and visitors to the shop.