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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Solsbury Hill by Adrian Arbib

I wandered into Toppings Bookshop in Bath and was delighted to find the excellent Solsbury Hill by Adrian Arbib in the window.

The book documents the protests that met the building of the A46 Bathampton bypass, aka The Road to Nowhere, the treehouses that were made in the, er, trees, the Solsbury Hill benders and the protest camps on Bathampton Water Meadows.

I didn't live in Bath at the time, but I do now and see Solsbury Hill and the meadows every day, and drive along the pointless bypass to get to Brown's Folly, home to the world's second oldest bat and where I make many of my pictures.

Sadly, Arbib's pictures are still relevant as another pointless project is being proposed which will further destroy the Bathampton Water Meadows - a Park and Ride scheme. You can see some of the arguments on why it's such a bad idea by clicking on the links on the Solsbury Hill blog. I think subsidised, nay free public transport that is taken out of the hands of First Great Western, a company that makes public transport a luxury that is more expensive than taxis, is part of the answer.

You can buy the book here, view ephemera from the protest and link up to Arbib's blog, which hopefully will develop with time.

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