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Thursday, 16 April 2009

How to Photograph: Maurice Broomfield again

picture: Maurice Broomfield

All this How-not-to-photograph cynicism is bringing me down, not least because I'm talking about myself all the time with the snide comments. And I haven't even got onto pictures of children yet. But I'm on a run with it and can't really get off the trolley quite yet.

So as a respite from the sarcasm, I'll return to a favourite picture of mine, by the marvellous Maurice Broomfield (the maker of epic industrial imagery and Nick Broomfield's father - you can hear Father and son talk about their relationship here).

Broomfield has a collection of his photographs coming out this weekend called Maurice Broomfield: Photographs. You can buy it here. And you can buy a print of the picture featured above for only £30 here. Bargain, but I'd like a big one. Size matters in this case.

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