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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

70 years since Poland started the Second World War

Summer is pretty much over and I had a fantastic time. It's also 70 years to the day since Poland started the Second World War. At least that's what some in Russia are saying - read about it here.

I got in the water alot over August so here are some watery pictures to celebrate - more of which later.


K. Praslowicz said...

I totally read the subject as "...since Polaroid started the second world war."

Now that would have been an interesting accusation.

Rob Hann said...

Welcome back Colin. Looking forward to new pearls of wisdom!

colin pantall said...

Thanks Rob - there's not much happening up top so wisdom feels a long way off.

It was all Polaroid's Fault - I love it, K.P.

Darrell Eager said...

Welcome back!
The top image reminds me of 911.
The Statue of Liberty watching firefighters battle the Twin Towers.

colin pantall said...

Good call, Darrell. I like that. Hope you had a lovely summer.