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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Reading Makes a Country Great

Lessons in recent history!


s. cousin said...

The images taken from the TV screen in your posts 'We are all prostitutes'and 'Reading makes a county great' are facinating.

By way of my interest in this, I recently came across a book of photographs about North Korea - all of which were taken from TV screens, and I long while ago I remember bidding on a huge collection of Polaroids of screen images of news readers.

Sure, I have plenty of my own, and have ideas for further work in this area, and yet I have not been able to fully figure out what facinates me about such images.
In part, it seems like a form of collage.

The collection in your most recent post sums up a full eight years!

How did you come to take these and edit them in the way that you have?

Incidentally, I have spent many happy times in Bath, and attended Newport University, just across the water.

Best, Sean.

colin pantall said...

Thanks Sean - I took them because I don't get out much. Really! I also wanted to capture a particular moment in history and show how I (and most of us) experience it - through the television. The edits are a straightforward narrative of cause, effect and involved parties, with varying degrees of culpability or victimhood.

The we are all prostitutes guys are five bomb suspects but I can't remember which one or whether they were found guilty (I think they were) - but they look guilty and that is half the point. I like the way the memory fades but the images remain.

Harry Gruyaert's TV Shots is another classic in the tv pictures series.

Bath and Newport - it's a fine double whammy of gentility and not gentility (well Caerleon is). Where are you now?

s. cousin said...

Cheers for the info. Much appreciated. And thanks also for pointing out Harry Gruyaert's TV Shots to me. A quick google search led me to the following:

By following events such as the 1972 Munich Olympics from home, he created a distressed parody of the current-affairs photo-story. The work caused controversy, both for its disrespectful assault on the culture of television and for its radical challenge (both formally and in terms of content) to the conventions of press photography. Gruyaert views it as the closest thing to journalistic photography he has ever made.
(from: http://store.magnumphotos.com/).

Which makes me all the more facinated. There is also something about the fabricated proximity in all this...

Anyway, Caerleon sure is nice. And while Newport might not be less so, it does (did) have some good pubs. But of course, Bath is better than them all!

And now I find myself residing in Sydney - and it is suprisingly cold!

Best, Sean.