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Monday, 7 September 2009

Savignano Festival of Photography

I am delighted to have my Sofa Portraits in the Global Photography show at the Photo Festival of Savignano in Italy. Curated by Massimo Sordi and Steffania Rosl, the show is part of a year round photographic project in Savignano that focuses on the connections between identity, environment and culture - lots of fabulous and familiar names in there, with a strong focus on concentrated portraiture.

I really wish I could be there because it sounds great and Massimo and his gang are so charming. Good luck to you all - basi, basi.


curated by Massimo Sordi, Stefania Rössl

@ SIFEST 2009 – Photo Festival of Savignano, Italy

11th september-4th october 2009


evan baden (USA)/

catherine balet (F)/

mathieu bernard-reymond (CH)/

michele cera (I)/

samantha cohn (USA)/

jen davis (USA)/

wolfram hahn (D)/

alessandro imbriaco/francesco millefiori (I)/

seba kurtis (ARG)/

molly landreth (USA)/

kalpesh lathigra (UK)/

maria leutner (D)/

andrés marroquín winkelmann (PERU)/

colin pantall (UK)/

andrew phelps (A)/

marion poussier (F)/

blerim racaj (UK)/

richard renaldi (USA)/

frank rothe (D)/

carla van de puttelaar (NL)/

shen wei (CHINA)


Darrell Eager said...

Wonderful,she's like the little girl who fell from the picture and missws her friends.

colin pantall said...

Thanks Darrell - I like that vision. It's tragic!

retoque fotografico said...

Moving portrait photo! You really have caught the moment.

simon anstey said...

nice company

colin pantall said...

Lovely company, Simon - hope you had a great summer in Sweden.