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Monday, 5 October 2009

Domesticated in Bath

If you are in the Bath area this Thursday, do come to The Walcot Chapel, where I have a couple of Sofa Portraits in a group show called Domesticated (sorry Amy Stein). Curated by Callum Bell, it features some wonderful painting, sculpture, insttallation and photography, all on the theme of we should get out more.

It's at the lovely Walcot Chapel, just off Walcot Street, just up the street from the Bell. Preview is on Thursday 8th October, 6-9pm.


Paul Russell said...

I might be in the area... How long does the show run for?

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul - till 17th October. I have a couple of prints up, there are some interiors by Kate Peters, some interesting sculpture and paper-work. Austere but lovely in the beautiful Walcot Chapel.