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Monday, 5 October 2009

Spiritual America gets taken down at Tate Modern

It's not too surprising that Gary Gross's/Richard Prince's picture of 10-year-old Brooke Shields got taken down from the Pop Life show at Tate Modern. It's not too much of a bad thing, but it is still a bad thing. Or is it? Who knows? But still, it would be good for Tate Modern to stand up for its curators and for there to be less of a knee-jerk reaction by the Met, who took it down after they read about it in the papers.

You can read about it here - Spiritual America gets taken down from Pop Life.

You can also read Michael Glover's view on Pop Life here. Avarice, appropriation and self-obsession are no longer inspiring - the world longs for something with more substance and the smoke and mirrors of self-publicity and self-serving artist's statements are not good enough anymore. You can read Glover's scathing review here - Pop Life: Truly, Madly, Deeply Shallow.

Top celebrity-lookalikes-caught-with-their-knickers-down/with-a-needle-in-their-arm photographer, Alison Jackson, also provides a commentary on the Warhol part of the show in the South Bank Show. The South Bank Show is in its last season, but on this showing it's dead already. Kill it off nicely please.

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otto117 said...

The Tate is a disgrace for caving in to pressure from the OPS. And they censored themselves again recently by removing 34 images by Graham Ovenden, whose trial ended in a mistrial this week. The proof is here:


When art institutions march in lockstep with the censors, artists and intellectuals beware!