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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Amanda Knox: Trial by Photography

Does anyone have a clue what really happened in the murder of Meredith Kercher. The case seems to turn on lurid descriptions of Amanda Knox's sexual history, together with a visual investigation into  Amanda Knox's facial expressions and dress sense. Photographs (showing Knox's failure to behave like a proper innocent suspect) have played a huge role in the case. I don't have a clue if she's guilty or not, but it has been a trial by photography and, whatever the final verdict is, Knox is guilty of something or other simply because of the photographs that have been taken of her. Last week, a virtual reconstruction of the murder of Meredith Kercher was shown in court, with the screen fading to red at the end. Which puts everything about the trial into question.

Is it safe? I don't think so.

From the Guardian.

"Despite protests from defence lawyers, the prosecution was allowed to show an animated film reconstruction in court depicting the prosecution's version of the murder. Jury members and judge Giancarlo Massei watched as animated likenesses of Knox, Sollecito, 25, and Guede, 22, entered the isolated house Knox shared with Kercher on the outskirts on Perugia.
Resembling Second Life avatars, the cartoon trio attacked Kercher in her bedroom as photos flashed up on screen showing the wounds and bruises found on Kercher's body. In the courtroom Knox turned away from the screen while Sollecito, who is now studying for a virtual reality degree in jail, watched as the screen turned red when Kercher, from Coulsdon, Surrey, received the fatal stab wound to the neck."


Eric Davidson said...

It has taken two years to arrive at at this verdict.. I'm thinking that, even if Knox does appear her recent guilty verdict, she will be eating prison food for a long time in the future.

Clelia said...

The verdict is arrived. Amanda is guilty, according to Italian court of Perugia. Now, The problem is that a senator and Clinton made complain about what was done by Italian judge.

Please read my last post.

Every comments will be appreciated.

ps. there is an English translation

Clelia from London

colin pantall said...

Aye Clelia, for real, because she is American she should be imprisoned on for 26 years on questionable evidence at a flawed trial, in the same way so many muslims were/are imprisoned in Guantanamo without trial because they are muslims, or people are wrongfully imprisoned in the UK because they have learning difficulties and nasty habits but were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or gays are executed in Iran because they are gay.

A bad trial is a bad trial whoever is convicted. Injustice is injustice end of story. Every country has it, every nationality suffers, most of the time they are poor, sometimes, but not often, they are quite wealthy.

Listen to yourself - come on.

Harry Rag said...

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito repeatedly told the police a pack of lies in the days after Meredith's murder.

On 5 November 2007, Knox and Sollecito were confronted with proof that they had lied and were given another opportunity to tell the truth. However, they both chose to tell the police even more lies.

Sollecito's new alibi was shattered by computer forensic evidence and his mobile phone records.

Knox accused an innocent man, Diya Lumumba, of murdering Meredith despite knowing full well that he was completely innocent. She didn't recant her false and malicious allegation against Lumumba the whole time he was in prison.

Knox's account of what happened on 2 November 2007 is contradicted by her mobile phone records.

Rudy Guede's bloody footprints lead straight out of Meredith's room and out of the house. He didn't lock Meredith's door, remove his trainers, go into Filomena's room or the bathroom that Meredith and Knox shared.

Rudy Guede didn't scale the vertical wall outside Filomena's room or gain access through the window. The break-in was clearly staged. This indicates that somebody who lived at the cottage was trying to deflect attention away from themselves and give the impression that a stranger had broken in and killed Meredith.

Guede had no reason to stage the break-in and there was no physical evidence that he went into Filomena's room.

The scientific police found a mixture of Amanda Knox's DNA and Meredith's blood on the floor.

There was no physical evidence that Rudy Guede went into the blood-spattered bathroom. However, the scientific police found proof that Knox and Sollecito tracked Meredith's blood into this bathroom.

Amanda Knox’s DNA was found mingled with Meredith’s blood in three different places in the bathroom: on the ledge of the basin, on the bidet, and on a box of Q Tips cotton swabs.

Sollecito left a visible bloody footprint on the blue bathmat.

Amanda Knox left a bloody shoeprint on the pillow under Meredith's body.

Knox's and Sollecito's bare bloody footprints were revealed by luminol in the hallway. Knox’s DNA and Meredith’s DNA was found mixed together in one of the bloody footprints.

An abundant amount of Raffaele Sollecito's DNA was found on Meredith's bra clasp. Sollecito must have applied considerable pressure to the clasp in order to have left so much DNA. The hooks on the clasp were damaged which confirms that Sollecito had gripped them tightly.

Amanda Knox's DNA was found on the handle of the double DNA knife and Meredith's DNA was found lodged in a tiny groove on the blade. Sollecito knew that Meredith's DNA was on the blade which is why he twice lied about accidentally pricking her hand whilst cooking.

The defence experts were unable to prove that there had been any contamination. Alberto Intini, head of the Italian police forensic science unit, pointed out that unless contamination has been proved, it does not exist.

Amanda Knox voluntarily admitted that she involved in Meredith's murder in her handwritten note to the police on 6 November 2007. She stated on at least four separate occasions that she was at the cottage when Meredith was killed. She also claimed that Sollecito was at the cottage.

Harry Rag said...

The English translation of Judge Massei's sentencing report can be downloaded from here:


colin pantall said...

Thanks Harry - nobody doubts that Amanda Knox is not the best witness - but that is not enough reason to jail them for half a lifetime.

Apply your critical gaze to the Italian legal system and come up with a balanced consideration; the evidence gathering and DNA is not necessarily as safe as you imagine.

Here in the UK we have had a few trials where people have been caught red-handed with DNA/forensic evidence that sent them down for life - only for that evidence to turn out completely and utterly unsafe. The Barry George conviction is a case in point - people where screaming from the start about that the trial and evidence stank - but George was an unsympathetic suspect to say the least so it took him a few years before he was released.

We have a long history of miscarriages of justice in the UK - and the unsympathetic/fantasist character profile is a common feature to many of the cases. As it is in the Knox trial.

Harry Rag said...

Giving multiple conflicting alibis and lying repeatedly to the police will always be considered a clear indication of guilt.

Why do you think Knox and Sollecito gave three different alibis and repeatedly told the police a pack of lies?

Do you have any specific criticisms of the evidence gathering and the DNA evidence in this case?

The Barry George conviction isn't a case in point.

There was no DNA evidence.

There was no confession.

There were no multiple conflicting alibis.

There were no witnesses.

There was no computer forensic evidence.

There was no mobile phone evidence.

There was no luminol evidence.

There was no bloody footprint evidence.

Would you care to support your claim that there is a long history of miscarriages of justice in the UK with some actual proof?

Criminal profiling wasn't used in this case.

I suggest you read the whole report carefully before commenting.

colin pantall said...

Thanks Harry. I'll have the last word. I really don't know if Amanda Knox is as guilty as you and others say she is. But I always remember people saying how guilty nasty Barry George and various Muslim, Irish and other ne'er-do-wells were. And I remember the evidential, forensic and police evidence that really nailed these people - but the nasty smell that always accompanied the trials, but that people happily ignored. With the result that the truly guilty people escaped their punishment - that is another side of the tragedy.

And of course it works both ways - how about Ian Tomlinson. Who killed him?

Are you seriously suggesting that there is not a long history of miscarriages of justice in the UK (or any other country in the world for that matter)?

Or that the Italian legal system is a model of justice and integrity? Is that what Mr Berlusconi says?


As I said, the last word.