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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Assumptions I make about photography

I make a few assumptions about photography, some of them are good, some of them are bad, most are a bit in the middle, they're pretty much all wrong, many are opposing pairs and shouldn't be - this post fits somewhere in this picture, but I'm not sure where. Somewhere at the back perhaps?

Anyways, here are some assumptions.

Photography is an art
Photography is not an art

There is such a thing as documentary photography

There is a visual truth
There is not a visual truth

The bigger the better

The more the better

Repetition is good
Repetition is bad

Sequences of pictures tell stories

Individual pictures have a narrative

There is a right way sequence pictures to tell stories

Good photographers know things

Good photographers have to know things

You can learn from pictures

Photographs can change things
Photographs can't change things

Photographs  make things better

There is such a thing as a concerned photographer
There is no such thing as a concerned photographer

Photographers care

It's all been done
It hasn't all been done

Obvious is good/not obvious is bad
Not obvious is good/obvious is bad

New is good

People understand pictures

We see pictures the same
We see pictures differently

There is a right way to see pictures

Photographs are like paintings
Photographs are not like paintings

Having your picture in a gallery is good
Having your picture in a magazine is good
Selling your pictures is good
Having people see your picture is good

Pictures don't need text
Pictures do need text

Commercial/social/product photography is not real photography

The only real photograph is a print

Looking at photographs on computers, in books and in a gallery are different things

There is such a things as photographic criticism

Intention matters
Intention doesn't matter

Photographic education is a waste of time
Photographic education is not a waste of time

You need money to be a successful photographer
You don't need money to be a successful photographer

Things used to be more real in the old days

And on and on and on.... Any more?


Joao Henriques said...

You always go straight to the point :) or not!

cafe selavy said...

Photography is exploitation

Photography is not exploitation.

Unknown said...

This post is excellent and I think we can all relate to it in someway. For me there is no right or wrong way to take a photograph. For me photography is an art were we can express ourselves, capturing lifes rich canvass in the way we see it.

I have only just started on the journey of photography but I am trying to leave assumption out as I don't want to make my journey hard.



colin pantall said...

Joao and CS - good ones. And Captures life, Doesn't Capture Life, that's another one Si! Thank you all.

J. Wesley Brown said...

Conceptualism won out last century and dominates photography, like other mediums.

That is why photographers must shoot series in order to win contests.

Brian J Morrison said...

This post could have been summed up in four words.

I don't know nothing.

colin pantall said...

You nailed it, Brian.