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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hatice Can, Rosi Boxall and the Power of Forgiveness


Also in the news last week was the trial of Hatice Can and Kemi Ajose, both of whom were found guilty of murdering Rosi Boxall. The picture of Hatice Can (at top), smirking on her mobile phone was on the front page of most newspapers and sent a collective shudder of horror across the UK, the subtext being that if ever there was any doubt about her guilt, this picture of her smirking face put it firmly to sleep. And contrast that with the angelic-but-sad picture of Rosi, the girl she bullied to jumping from a third floor window - except of course it was Kemi Ajose who did the physical bullying, Can did the egging on, but there's no suitable picture of Ajose, so we're left to heap our abuse on Hatice Can. Who probably deserves it.

And the end of the story - a message of forgiveness from Rosi's adoptive parents - and I'll end with that.. 

From The Sun 

Can screamed abuse as she egged on Ajose, known as Kemi, to punch and slap Rosi and spray air freshener in her eyes.
On one clip Can was heard shouting, "Shut the f*** up" at Rosi, adopted daughter of the Rev Simon Boxall and his teacher wife Rachel.
Brazilian-born Rosi - full name Rosimeiri - struggled to the window in a bid to escape the onslaught.
Can taunted her: "Do you want to die? Jump out of the window."
When terrified Rosi asked: "Do you want me to jump?" the 13-year-old said "Yes" and Rosi fell to the ground.
As a resident went to the fatally-injured girl's aid, Can screamed at Rosi: "F****** hell, you f****** bitch."
She then yelled: "Whore. Serves you right, bitch."
Rosi died from multiple injuries.

Simon and Rachel Boxall spoke of how they missed their adopted daughter Rosimeiri, 19, and said she was now safe in God's arms.

They said in a statement that they would continue to pray for her killers and added: "We want them to know that we forgive them."
The couple added: "Our prayer has always been that justice for Rosi would be seen to be done.
"We still miss her greatly, but we do not for an instant regret the decision we took, when she was almost three, to adopt her.
"She has given us so many moments of pure joy, and we are thankful for those times. We are sure that she is now safe in God the Father's arms. No-one can ever hurt her again. It will be wonderful to see her again one day.
"We continue to pray for those who are responsible for Rosi's death. We want them to know that we forgive them.
"That does not mean that what they did 'doesn't matter'. Of course it does. A life is of such worth that only God can show us its value. Nor does it mean that we think this trial need not have taken place.
"For justice to be seen to be done, it had to happen and those responsible have to face up to the consequences of their choices.
"Forgiveness means that we refuse to be shackled by bitterness and our prayer is that forgiveness will allow the girls to be released from the burden of what they have done, so that they can even now grow into the sort of people that God intended them to be."
Mr and Mrs Boxall thanked police, lawyers, the judge and the jury in the case and all those who had supported them.
"We would ask that you continue to pray for us, and for Rosimeiri's four brothers," the statement added. 

Postscript - Hatice Can was sentenced to 8 years for manslaughter, Ajose was detained at Her Majesty's psychiatric pleasure - story here. 

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