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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Man and Baby and Tennis Girl

In The Art on Your Wall, Sue Perkins looks at the history of populist/kitsch poster art. She intervies Jack Vetriano (who does a great 'I am not worthy' take on seeing the Francis Bacon retrospective), Sam Toft, as well as photographers Spencer Rowell ( responsible for Man and Baby above and as bad at spelling as RJ Shaughnessy), Martin Elliot (creator of Tennis Girl above) and Mel Allen (who made the Ullswater picture above).

It's a fascinating programme on art, taste and snobbery in the age of mass production.

Watch the programme on BBC iplayer here


thechrisproject said...

Stupid BBC player doesn't work in the US. Dang!

Brenda said...

Yeah, lovely television. And that is so rare.

There's a blog post just like yours in my drafts: but it got me wondering what the equivalent is in just photographs (no painting or quirky drawing).

Lewis Hine, Doisneau, the Guevara portrait of course, a few album covers too..

colin pantall said...

That is a shame, Chris but...

I think there are lots of equivalents, Brenda, and it is interesting to see what happens to a picture once it becomes that kind of poster art - it changes, that's for sure.

And even if it doesn't become poster art, if it becomes an academic or art equivalent, that changes it too - in what way I don't know but we make the assumption it's a good way, but I'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

For those outside the UK, there's a workaround here: http://xhgc18.blogspot.com/2009/11/art-on-your-wall-with-sue-perkins.html

It needs to be downloaded in three parts, so you must be... patient.