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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

NPG Photographic Portrait Prize Winner 2010

It's the National Portrait Gallery Photographic Prize time again.  The winner is above by Paul Floyd Blake so congratulations - congratulations also to Vanessa Winship who came second.See all the pictures here.


Anonymous said...

A really interesting mix of genres in the final selection. Would be interesting to know who the judges were and their reasoning behind the choices. So many of these awards come without an explanation and that is a shame (apart from the HSB award of course, which always comes with an eloquent and well written modus op. and which in many ways can only serve as an inspiration in terms of the political and emotional drives directing the photographers gaze). A real pick and mix of styles formats and subjects, it was a bit like being in Woolies on a youthful saturday a.m. with pocket money. Some really worked wonderfully and some failed dismally, and really had no reason to be there.
I guess.

colin pantall said...

Pick and mix to be sure, Simon - but that is always the way.

How about the Deutsche Borse Prize shortlist - any thoughts on that?