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Friday, 8 January 2010

David Cameron Poster

The  election will probably be in May, campaigning is hotting up and David Cameron is almost certainly going to be the next prime minister of the UK.

The Conservatives have always been better at the posters, if only because reactionary posters are more visually striking. Up top is the latest Conservative Party poster -  a bit of a disappointment because it's quite nice really, cuddlifying Cameron with not a hint of nastiness in there.

He's been airbrushed to plasticity, a contrast to grizzled Gordon, his gentle eyes undress the undecided middle-aged wobbler in a most decorous, yet lascivious fashion, his lips puckered just a tad selectively. The icy blue backdrop exudes calm and a fresh-breathed confidence, his promises to preserve the NHS a reminder that he's not like those sub-rock dwelling tories we once loved to hate. Who is his target audience, I wonder. Would you?.

Anyway, here is Cameron getting criticised for the airbrushing and "pouting lips Keira Knightley would be proud of."

Some knock-offs of the poster are below (from Political Advertising Blog.) , as well as a predictable but funny Jedward (if you are not from the UK, they were terrible X-Factor (a TV singing competition) singers and famous for their daft hair) spoof mocking Brown and Darling.

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colin pantall said...

Sorry, I think I deleted your comment by mistake, Mark. Anyways, Mancunia awaits - but it's a bit too rough for me, Mark. I'll take the underhand snobbery of Bath anyday. Snotty at times (especially school pick up times - this year but not last.) but with a view of Solsbury Hill out the front door. Lovely. Have a tea cake!