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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Integral Polaroid Photography

A couple of Polaroid initiatives. Do I have to Paint you a Picture is on in Cardiff from 19th February. And from Australia, Sean Cousins is looking for submissions to Polarama. He writes:

I am starting a PDF magazine on integral Polaroid photography, provisionally entitled Polarama: a visual journal of integral photography.

Each issue will be themed with the following to start me (and hopefully others!) off: landscape, Images of the TV / computer screen and Polaroids in Polaroids. Suggestions for others are more than  welcome!

More information can be foun at: http://pentimento.squarespace.com/ - or by emailing seancousin@gmail.com.


cafe selavy said...

Thanks for this. I just bought an old, brass Petzval-style lens (no markings) and had it mounted on a lens board. I will try it this week. I will shoot some 4x5 Polaroid landscapes. I don't know if they will be the sort of thing Cousins is looking for, but it makes me think.

Sean said...

Hey! many thanks for the mention. It's much appreciated.

I have had a few few image submissions now, as well as a few written pieces in the pipeline from a few members of the academic community (I hope this won't put anyone off!), as well as some help from a few other wonderful people. So its looking good! So thanks again!

colin pantall said...

No worries, Sean, and good luck with it.

I'm sure that what you have is what Sean is looking for, CS. Good luck and God's Speed and all that.